I’m pretty sure at this point that the panel just looks at the guy’s crotch to determine admission. Thinking like “Ok kid, once you get through puberty, you’re gonna have a fucking monster. Gonna kill all the ladies and gentlemen. You’re in.”

I mean, I think the only time it went wrong was with Changmin (merely because I have an ongoing conspiracy theory that he’s a eunuch). And the only reason Yunho got to dance his whole audition through is cus the panel was like “WTF IS THIS KID PACKING?! DAMN BOY. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!” *STARES AT FLAPPING DICK*

it's all about the cockssssI mean reallyThere is a disproportionate number of male idolsthat are absolutely packing...except changmineunuchtrololololokpopidolselectionYunhoChangmindicktvxq

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