Ladies (and Gentlemen),

Welcome to Florida State University.

All the fandoms. All the time.

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This is entirely what should have happened in this CF.

What I mean is that I’m being entirely unproductive right now.

MisshaTVXQYunhoChangminCFparodykpopUknowMaxThe original music had me laughing so hard I criedminesSTAR TREK
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I’m pretty sure at this point that the panel just looks at the guy’s crotch to determine admission. Thinking like “Ok kid, once you get through puberty, you’re gonna have a fucking monster. Gonna kill all the ladies and gentlemen. You’re in.”

I mean, I think the only time it went wrong was with Changmin (merely because I have an ongoing conspiracy theory that he’s a eunuch). And the only reason Yunho got to dance his whole audition through is cus the panel was like “WTF IS THIS KID PACKING?! DAMN BOY. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!” *STARES AT FLAPPING DICK*

it's all about the cockssssI mean reallyThere is a disproportionate number of male idolsthat are absolutely packing...except changmineunuchtrololololokpopidolselectionYunhoChangmindicktvxq

So we can only guess what/who I feel like making tonight.

But the question stands: traditional or tracksuit?

I am convinced that this on is going to be the cutest one so faryoochunrooftop princekpopcharmfuck it I will keep this oneLee Gak
  • me: We will never have the kind of relationship I have with my bias!
  • friend: And that is?
  • me:
  • friend:
  • me:
  • friend:
  • me: ...nonexistent.
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Ok, I’ve got Sriracha Peas and TCBY Cookies and Cream frozen yogurt. I think I’m ready for concert livestreaming.

LIKE A BOSSkpopgoogle

when you can’t tell if someone said “NBC” or “MBC”

WHY DO THE CHANNELS HAVE TO SOUND THE SAMEgoogle concert is tonightkpopmbcnbcthis happens with my parents all the timethey think I'm weirdWhat is this MBC you speak of they say

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