You’re so perf it hurts sometimes.

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"Growing older makes me anxious. It scares me that time passes by quickly. And the days we couldn’t meet are increasing. I don’t like it that I’m getting farther and farther from my youth. I hate myself who thinks about these things..the feeling that I hate the most is that uneasy feeling of maybe not knowing that feeling of distance. I don’t know what I’m saying feel a lot of complex emotions. I don’t want to say that I’m living life just by breathing alone. I have to work hard. I must try hard."

-Kim Jaejoong

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How about both?

Under any other circumstance it would be the second one, but right now all I want is food. 

…unless I could eat you that is.

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What person wouldn’t love a man who can successfully wear a pink dress shirt and a bow tie? The accompanying sex hair, seductive stare, and plump pink lips are barely noticeable. Truly, I only noticed the suit.

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Umm… so I just realized that I accidentally posted this under private a few days back instead of just publishing it. oops. Well, a gif for you!

To be honest… nothing would make me happier than if someone found befitting text to put over and make this funny in one of those sets and then linked me to it. lol. I’d be forever fangirling over them.But seriously, if you do, you so gotta tell me so I can see the joke!

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I’m think I’m dying. Just. Fucking Period. I swear I heard that teaser loop and just about came. Dear god, I’m such a base and bored person tonight. Someone talk to meeee.

Oh, you thought there was gonna be some existential shit under the picture…

Sorry about that.

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You beautiful, beautiful human being. O_O

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TVXQ -Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang  

Ignoring the fact that it’s about football (which to me is a plus anyways), best anti-sadness Cassie song ever. (lyrics)

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It looks like a proposal’s gonna happen

…that or Yunho found a girlfriend and everyone is like “Yeah! Go hyung!” except Jaejoong who’s like “Um.. yeahhh…I-I’m really happy for you Yunho (crying on the inside).”

Just sayin’

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Jaejoong flashing his abs

Fuck you, sir. Just fuck you.

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  • me: Urgh, kissing in korean entertainment is so boring, all they do is press lips
  • Jaejoong: gonna eat me some face

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